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Sensing for the next level of automation.

Surround, high-resolution perception with redundant measurements, using industry-standard cameras.


Surround Perception

Improve safety with high-precision measurements on 360 degrees.

No Additional Fusion

One result containing the measurement of the entire field of view.

Camera Only

Passive system, using industry-standard cameras; Low-power solution.


Designed for highest safety levels - with 3-time redundant measurements - in an economically viable way.


Depth measurement and detailed geometry of objects regardless of their nature.


Operational in rough weather conditions. Resists to any shock and vibration.

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Our industry expertise to meet all your requirements

Catonomix has developed a unique platform to meet the most challenging requirements of customers in sensing and automation. We are providing today the building blocks of tomorrow's level of automation. This allows us to support a wide range of applications, from ADAS to Level 5. Share with us your use cases, and together, we will shape a solution that builds on proven and scalable technological components.

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